Do you want to be a mimic or a musician?

It’s the most important question for aspiring and frustrated guitarists to ask themselves when looking for guitar lessons.

When most people first pick up the guitar they have every intention of being creative and finding a means of self-expression.

Too often though, they find themselves confused, frustrated with their progress or stuck in their musical development. They may seek out guitar lessons, only to find themselves simply learning cover tunes rather than developing the knowledge base upon which a personal style and creative self-expression can be built.

You can become a proficient and accomplished guitarist who is capable of: arranging commercial and original material through the use of chord and solo/lead guitar techniques, playing across a variety of musical styles, and developing your own unique musical voice.

“Dick’s original curriculum and teaching technique rivals the best science and business instructors and classes I had in college. Dick has made order and logic out of the seemingly mystifying world of music theory.”

—Scott Hambrick, President of Midwest Shows, Inc.

I’m Dick Gordon Junior. I’ve been helping aspiring guitarists to become musicians for 36 years, including students who have performed locally and nationally, become successful guitar instructors, signed recording contracts, and have recorded and toured with artists such as John Lennon and Larry Carlton.

Most of my students are not professionals, but are passionate hobbiests who use music as an emotional release, a creative outlet, and a means of self-expression.