Tulsa Guitar and String Show 2007

In June 2007, my students and I had the privilege of presenting two seminars each day of the Tulsa Guitar and String Show. The following subjects were covered:

  1. Direct Substitution: Arranging and Improvising with Extension Chords
  2. Three Approaches to Solo Guitar

During the instructional part of the seminars, I was assisted by Colton Miller of CCM Studios. Colton is an exceptional guitar and bass instructor and player whose assistance was greatly appreciated.

At the end of each seminar, a student of mine performed. Both the performances and the audience’s response were exceptional.

After the Direct Substitution presentation, Jackey Norman, a computer programmer for IBM, performed two original songs. Jackie’s songwriting ability is truly exceptional. I have backed up many performers. It’s always the most fun to back up someone who is stimulating and has compelling songs. Jackie is indeed someone with whom I would like to play.

After the Approaches to Solo Guitar presentation, Dalton Bivins, a senior at Broken Arrow High School, performed an original instrumental. It was a great performance of an extremely well-written solo. This was his first time to perform in public and he did not so much as glance at his guitar the whole time. When you take that into account along with the creative and substantive nature of the solo, and the style and finesse he expressed, his courage and talent were apparent.

After the seminars on both days, I performed “Spooky” (originally done by The Classics IV). Three other entertainers played as well:

  • Dr. Steven Lusk, a well-known local dentist with a remarkable singing voice who performed Van Morrison’s “Moon Dance”
  • Mark Meador of Marjo Operating Co., who has a charm and charisma in his singing and playing, along with a unique rhythmic feel, that flows naturally from his personality and experience. Mark performed “Bob Away My Blues” by the Marshall Tucker Band.
  • Colton Miller, one of the top instructors in Tulsa and a highly creative and experienced guitarist.

Colton and I improvised solos for several songs as well.

It was a pleasure to be involved with everyone at the show, and kudos to my students for their strong performances! Thanks in particular to student Scott Hambrick, President of Midwest Shows, Inc., for allowing us to participate.