Bass Lessons

As with my standard guitar lessons, in the early stages you’ll work on developing your physical relationship with the bass. Initially we will emphasize the proper posture for your body, left and right hands. Immediately we will begin to set up a process which will give you an understanding of how to create and improvise bass runs in approximately 8 lessons.

You will develop an understanding of the theory, build your dexterity, and have a better understanding of the neck of the bass guitar. Learning how to create bass runs will give you insight into figuring out and understanding the bass runs of songs you wish to play. This will also give you the ability to develop your own style.

You will also learn how to create ‘walking bass runs’ and through time will learn how to play over the entire bass neck.

Make sure to read who I teach and how I teach to get a sense of my teaching method and requirements.

Contact me if interested.